3 tips Tony Stark could definitely take to improve the New Avengers Facility

New Avengers Facility

The New Avengers Facility was re-designed by Tony Stark aka. Iron Man and it is a modern and high-tech building which is situated in a highly top secret location. It is the base of operations for the New Avengers and was created after the defeat of Ultron. Currently it is used for science research, military training, weapon development and training of the new incarnation of the Avengers and their recruits. It houses multiple Avengers Quinjets and vehicles.

There is no doubt Tony panned a building of indisputable high – quality design, but we at Geoplast believe he could take some tips to improve it and make it safer and more “enemies-proof”.


1. Ecological

Driving by Avengers Facility park

I can’t believe Stark forgot to think about some ecological solutions for this building, given that he brags about his alternative energy technologies all the time!  The first step towards a more ecological status, is the creation of a large roof garden with Drainroof and the covering of the facades and the walls with green walls with Wall-Y.  Green roofs and vertical gardens offers many ecological advantages that can help the improvement of the facility.

  • They can help regulate a building’s internal temperature;
  • Reduce stormwater runoff:
  • Energy savings up to 15-25 % in summertime energy cost;
  • Reduce air pollution and atmospheric carbon levels;
  • Reduce sound reflection.

Then of course, they can also work as a disguise for any enemy coming from the sky.


2. Stormproof

Avengers Facility interior

Tony, sorry to disappoint you but, this time, you didn’t thought forward-looking. In fact, the creation of a rainwater accumulation and draining system with Drening will help you avoid a lot of problems if you decide to merge X-Men Storm with the Avengers Crew. If she decides to throws a temper tantrum at you, lightenings, thunderbolts and rainfalls will not be an issue. Drening accumulation chambers will certainly save the facility from a flooding.


3. Healthier environment and ventilation

Avengers Facility park aerial view

Finally a thought also to the inhabitants of the facility. Avengers, trainee and staff  have the right to be sure to be living in a healthy and ventilated environment. Modulo, which is the formwork for ventilated foundations of Geoplast, is perfect for this task. In this way, the facility will work as an headquarter, as an operation base but also as a safe and lively place.


Tony if you have questions, you’ll  just need to ask!