Aquabox – Geoplast new product for rainwater management, better ROI, and resilience

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Aquabox is our new product for rainwater management that improves ROI and resilience

Aquabox water solutions include rainwater infiltration, stormwater attenuation, and rainwater harvesting. It improves ROI by preventing water-related damage and reducing long term maintenance costs. Also, the high capacity of the water retention system enhances infrastructure resilience in urban and rural areas. Thanks to good mechanical resistance, Aquabox can be installed in industrial and commercial areas subjected to heavy vehicle traffic.


Aquabox key features

96 % water retention capacity

100 % inspectable

Improves project ROI

SLW 60 class load capacity

Saves storage space

Made of recycled polypropylene


Aquabox completes the wide range of Geoplast rainwater management solutions

All our water solutions are designed to improve the resilience of urban spaces through the reduction of surface runoff and the preservation of the natural water cycle. Our aim is to reduce flood risks and related remediation costs, in line with SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) approach.

Geoplast green and water products also follow natural flood management policies which recommend that projects combine various resilience and sustainable solutions together:


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