Berrigan Channel, Australia – Geopanel project


Berrigan is a traditional small country town located 690 km south-west of Sydney, Australia. The Berrigan Channel is an irrigation canal which is part of a large water-flow control system and receives water from Mulwala Canal, the largest irrigation infrastructure in the Southern Hemisphere. Lately the structure started to be dated. For improvements making a fast and easy formwork system was required, since the place of works was rather insidious as they would have to be done inside the drained channel. As water pressure was mounting, it was also necessary to build concrete walls and a new gate structure during a limited shut down period between seasons.


It has recently been decided to carry out modernisation work, consisting in the improving of the system control and in the enabling rain water events to be harvested. The replacement of an old gate structure was also completed. All this was carried out in a simple and efficient way and in a very short time thanks to the choice of Geoplast Geopanel.

Product used

Geopanel, the reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for walls by Geoplast, was particularly suitable for the purpose. It is very fast to install and allows to easily create structures of any size and shape without the use of cranes or other mechanical lifting devices, thus reducing labor and operating costs. In Berrigan Geopanel allowed to form and pour the entire structure in less than 5 days. Thanks to its modularity and the wide range of items it is adjustable to any type of worksite, even the most difficut one, as in this case.


Works were part of the Murray Irrigation Scheme, and resulted in the construction of walls 2400 x 300mm and 350 mm thick.
Allcon Group, Geoplast’s Australian distributor, designed and delivered 180 m2 of Geoplast Geopanel wall plastic formwork for concrete to build two “U”-shaped walls with channel returns and wing walls to suit the Rubicon gates.

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