Construction projects are more profitable with Geoplast foundations

Our foundations solutions increase the sustainable profitability of any project, by reducing construction costs and increasing project value in the operational and reuse phase of the building. We designed foundation products that are lightweight, modular, and available in different sizes. Our foundations are suitable both for new buildings and for reconstruction projects.

Sustainable Profitability benefits


  • Less concrete is needed for the construction, because of the reduced thickness of the foundation slab. Concrete amount is reduced up to 20 %, which saves time, labor, and material costs for installation process, as well as lowering CO2 emissions.
  • Functional design of sturdy ribbed foundation slab reduces the risks and costs of damage related to structural fractures and cracks, which can be the result of both static and dynamic heavy loads, settlement of the building, or frost heaving.
  • Technical performances of our foundations improve seismic resilience of the building, and reduce additional expenses to damage repair after the earthquake.
  • Voided space lowers the costs for hydro isolation, at the same time improving protection from moisture and harmful gases from the soil, and reducing heating and cooling expenses, by creating additional thermal insulation.
  • Crawl space that is easily accessible (height up to 3 m height), lowers maintenance costs for electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems, allowing approach to installations without invasion of the building structure.

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