Geoplast formwork for lightweight structural fillings

Modulo and New Elevetor are formworks made of recycled plastic, for lightweight structural fillings of foundations in buildings and for landscaping projects. Instead of gravel or expanded polystyrene (EPS) backfilling, Modulo and New Elevetor are sustainable products and time- and cost-effective solutions. They can be used for:

Our formwork solutions for lightweight structural fillings provide various benefits:


Sustainable: made of recycled plastic and avoid the consumption of gravel or EPS
Design: adaptable to different shapes of structures
Crawl space: for MEP installations and/or radon and moisture mitigation


High load capacity: the finished concrete slab is designed according to project requirements, and the structure transfers the load to the ground
Strength and durability of structure: due to poured concrete
Technical assistance: we have dedicated experts that will help you during design phases

Lean construction

High stackability: fewer trucks needed and less space required for the storage on the construction site
Lightweight: no cranes are needed due to fast installation (1,000 sf/hour)
Time-saving: the concrete pouring merges 3 operations: foundation beams, backfilling and slab pouring

Use Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor for different applications:

Infilling solution for new or existing foundations

Traditional infilling requires a lot of trucks and, in case of gravel, additional mechanical equipment. Because of the high stackability and lightness, Modulo and New Elevetor will help you to save time and logistic costs. Furthermore, thanks to the pouring of the concrete inside and on top of the formwork structure, heavy loads are allowed and performance is guaranteed overtime.

Infilling solution for landscape design of public squares, plazas, and decks

Symbiosis business district - Multimodulo

Our formwork for foundations is a cost-effective solution for elevated surfaces. Because of the fast installation and efficient worksite, it saves costs for transportation, workforce, and machinery. The various heights of our products allow the creation of squares, plazas, and decks with different slopes and a very scenographic and dynamic effect.

Infilling solution for construction of ramps and stairs

Our New Elevetor modular system allows the easy construction of access ramps and stairs without the use of filler materials. Gradual slopes can be built quickly, by using less material such as sand, gravel, or concrete. Since New Elevetor is height adjustable, the construction is fast and simple and saves costs for workforce, machinery, and transportation.

Infilling solution for swimming pool bottom elevation

Our foundation formworks are an ideal solution for swimming pool renovations. In order to make swimming pools more family-friendly, there is a growing request for the construction of the raised bottom of the pool. At the same time, this approach saves costs by reducing power consumption for water heating and treating.


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