Geoplast top 5 solutions that increase the value of residential housing

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Geoplast Palazzo Canova
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More and more technologies used in residential housing play a role in the purchase price and its growth. Home buyers want to buy houses which are healthy, sustainable, and, most importantly, hold the price. Our solutions and products offer substantial improvements to residential housing which can increase and maintain their value. If you are designing, building, or buying a house, consider following solutions:

Rising damp prevention

Rising damp and mold cause the damage, and over time decrease air quality and living comfort. Naturally ventilated foundations protect from damp rising and appearance of mold.
Products: Modulo, Multimodulo, Minimodulo.

Vapor intrusion prevention

Toxic vapors such as radon can enter the homes through foundations. They are best eliminated with our ventilated foundation formwork Modulo because it uses natural air-flow to direct vapors out of the house.
Products: Modulo

Ventilated roofs and walls

Ventilated roofs and walls maintain the temperature and air humidity inside the building while lowering energy use. Minimodulo provides acoustic insulation of the floors.
Product: Minimodulo

Rainwater harvesting for households

The underground collectors for rainwater drainage and reuse prevent flooding and expand underground infrastructure in areas without sewerage systems. Our products are also suited for creation of basins in limited space of households’ yards.
Products: Drening, New Elevetor Tank, Drainpanel.

Green solutions for parking and walkable areas

Transforming driveways and other concrete areas into drivable and walkable green areas will increase well-being and aesthetics of the house while maintaining functionality.
Products: Runfloor, Geoflor, Salvaverde, Geogravel.

Here are few examples of our residential housing projects:
Link house
Palazzo Canova
Bowmont Gardens Villa