A green driveway with Geoplast Runfloor in a private villa in Treviso

A detail of Runfloor cells-structure.

“I am really pleased with the final outcome, and work was rapid and efficient”. These are the words of the owner of a private villa near Treviso, who recently chose Geoplast Runfloor to create a green driveway. 456 sqm. of Runfloor F04 – the variant 4 cm high, that complies with the dimensional requirements of the traditional drivable grids – were used for the entrance driveway and for the garden that surrounds the house.

Once the grass has grown, the result will be a completely transitable turf, which will remain uniform even during the transit of vehicles on it.

Runfloor, Geoplast high-strength plastic grass paver for permeable drivable areas, is ideal to create a resistant and draining area with high performances. Grass pavers are environmentally friendly and allow the drainage of stormwater back into the underground soil, rather than going into waterways. A perfect solution to avoid the flooding of the garden or of the driveway, during rainfalls.

Runfloor has also a particular cell-shape, that guarantees a higher load bearing capacity. The material of which our grid is made – low-density polyethylene –  is very elastic and offers good performances, even with very low temperatures. Besides being flexible, our grass paver is also very easy to install and assemble and guarantees a fast and efficient result.