Lower energy bill by 35 % with Completa

An energy-efficient house must guarantee significant long-term economic savings. By installing Completa you can save 35 % energy consumption of your home.

Completa is the turnkey solution that guarantees thermal insulation and requires less energy for the air conditioning and heating of your home. It is a pre-prepared element for a sedum roof composed of the polypropylene accumulation and drainage tray, filled by the earthy substrate which together with the vegetation creates an insulating layer.

The roof is constantly exposed to sunlight which makes it vulnerable to overheating. During summer, the Completa green roof is able to significantly reduce the oscillation of the maximum temperatures. It acts like a thermal barrier reaching temperature difference (Δt) between above and below the Completa layer up to 20 ° C.

Here is how Completa extensive green roof solution improves the comfort of interior spaces:

  • 35 % decrease of energy requirements,
  • 3 hours delay in the daily thermal peak,
  • The constant internal temperature of the house,
  • Protection of waterproofing roof membranes.