Modulo: a choice to make to face vapour intrusion

Modulo is Geoplast’s permanent crawl space formwork used for the ventilation of the foundations of any type of building.

These are some of the many benefits our foundation system offers to a structure and to people who live in it:

  • The bottom part of the slab acts as an excellent barrier against gasses;
  • The ventilation systems, ventilates the gasses away keepingpeople that live and work in the building safe;
  • As the void space is continuous, the vacuum field is uniform;
  • The forms are available in multiple sizes from 4 to 24 inches and are very easy to install;
  • It helps to reduce the costs associated to importing, compacting and certifying engineered fill;
  • It reduces the concrete (the reinforcements and the weight are reduced), while mantaining a solid and robust structure.

See our Foundation solution for vapor intrusion.