A new and improved courtyard at Wynberg Girls High School in Cape Town with Geoplast Drainroof

Drainroof, Geoplast’s solution for roof gardens made of recycled low-density propylene, was recently chosen for alterations at Wynberg Girls High School in Cape Town.

Noero Architects, a prestigious architectural firm with offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, conceived and supervised the project, while Abrach Construction carried it out. De Villiers & Hulme participated as Consulting Engineer Studio.

Works consisted of realizing 8 new classrooms by adding two wings of four classrooms, on either side of the courtyard at ground level. The wings were then covered with a garden, and Geoplast Drainroof H2.5 was particularly suitable for this application.

Geoplast’s high-performance green roof drainage board offers several benefits:

  • Fast disposal of rainwater, thanks to its perforated surface;
  • Protection of the waterproofing layer;
  • Ventilation, which allows eliminating any water stagnation;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of the building;
  • Load capacity of more than 3.000 kg/m2, which guarantees the realization of any stratigraphy;
  • Installation speed, thanks to its modularity.

Another notable peculiarity of Drainroof is the water storage capacity in the formwork’s supporting feet and the resulting possibility of using it for plants’ irrigation.

Thanks to the new courtyard, students can now enjoy a pleasant environment and a beautiful view.