New BIM files for 20 of our products are now available

We have published new BIM files for 20 products that you can download for free and use to improve foundations, slabs, water, and green surfaces, as well as LEED scores in your projects. Using these products in your projects will also improve sustainability, profitability, and lean construction of a project.

We decided to optimize the size of our BIM files keeping all the technical information needed for the project and for automatic reports. And our 2D objects provide technical details for your drawings.
Our key improvements for BIM files are:

  • Simplicity and lightness in terms of file size,
  • Full information and automatic quantity report,
  • 2D Revit Families for detailing and section cuts.

Also, BIM files for Modulo, Multuimodulo, and New Elevetor are now updated.


Download new BIM files from lists


Download new BIM files from product pages