Plastic formworks are the right solution

The choice of the correct formwork depends on different factors. Each one affects directly or indirectly the cost of use:

  • The formwork reusability;
  • The desired surface finishing;
  • The needed workforce (labor costs);
  • The availability of skilled personnel and of lifting means for the installation;
  • The formwork’s versatility;
  • The available capital.

An efficient formwork system for constructions can, in fact, solve many problems in the building site and represents an excellent way to save costs.

Geoplast has a wide range of formworks for concrete that can offer:

  • Reusability up to 100 times;
  • Perfect surface finishing, thanks to the internal smoothness of the formwork that guarantee a pleasant look;
  • Reduced workforce. Thanks to the formworks lightness, the installation is easy and fast;
  • A high versatility and a wide range of combinations to satisfy any kind of necessity;
  • An affordable investment.

All Geoplast Formworks are made of plastic and allow the creation of pillars, columns or walls of different shapes and dimensions.

The following is a practical example, that compares formworks made of different materials, for the construction of a square column 40×40, 3 mt. high:

Plastic vs wood and steel formworks
Weight 15 kg/m2 18 kg/m2 (+ 20%) 40 kg/m2 (+267%)
Work speed and labor cost 25 min. total (1 person) 270 min. total (1 person) 110 min. total (2 people)
Accessories and lifting means no accessories, no skilled personell hammer, nails, carpenter skilled personell hammer, crane, specific training required to use the product

In addition to being sustainable as our forms are all made of recycled plastic, they are also easier to remove: it is sufficient to clean the elements using just a little water, without any detergent.

Geoplast range of plastic formworks