Selected sustainably profitable projects of residential buildings

Residential projects outnumber all other building types. In consequence they cost the most and have by far the biggest impact on the environment. Geoplast’s products are designed to be cost-effective and environmentally sustainable at the same time. Here is a selection of residential projects that became more sustainably profitable by using Geoplast products.

Bermondsey Works residential development, London, UK

Solutions applied: Green
Products used: Completa

Thanks to the easy installation of Completa plastic modular trays, the roof of Bermondsey Works was transformed into a roof garden. The wildflower turf improved thermal insulation of the interior and lowered air-conditioning costs. After the roof was equipped with pavements and sunbathing benches, it became the new community space for the inhabitants.

Vadikoru residential and business complex, Istanbul, Turkey

Solutions applied: Slabs
Products used: New Nautilus Evo

New Nautilus Evo is our modular formwork designed for the construction of lightweight reinforced concrete slabs poured on-site. It was ideal for Vadikoru residences, because it helped realize large-span ceilings with flat intrados, that could carry the same seismic loads as solid slabs. Less material and machinery for slabs reduced the weight of other structural elements as well, bringing up to 15% savings in total building costs. This also reduced CO2 emissions, with great benefits to environmental sustainability.

Palazzo Canova residential complex, Padua, Italy

Solutions applied: Foundations, Formwork
Products used: Modulo, Geopanel, Geopanel Star

Palazzo Canova is a residential complex that benefited from 3 Geoplast solutions. Walls and columns were made with Geopanel and Geopanel Star, our high resistance plastic formworks. Both could be installed manually and reused for more than 100 times, which reduced transport and machinery costs, and improved sustainability at the same time. Modulo was used for ventilated foundations, offering cost-reduction and sustainability by using 25% less concrete, while also preventing potentially dangerous subsoil vapor intrusion.

Hathaway House redevelopment, London, UK

Solutions applied: Water
Products used: New Elevetor Tank

The Hathaway House in London was lacking the public and parking space, so an underground level had to be built under the complex. Our New Elevetor Tank was used to create a large rainwater accumulation tank, which prevented high maintenance costs after runoffs, and could also be used for irrigation and fire protection.

Flooding Protection of residential homes, New Jersey, USA

Solutions applied: Formwork
Products used: Geotub

Lavallette is a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey. Being surrounded by Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the area is prone to unexpected flooding. Our Geotub formwork was used for fast and easy construction of raised foundations under the houses, lowering the flood damage costs and making them more sustainable.

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