Geoplast starts formwork rent internationally

From now on it is possible to rent Geoplast Formwork Solutions online. The service is not available for all countries at the moment, but please do not hesitate to contact us and to fill in the form to make a request. We will be glad to get back to you with the best solution for your needs

Geoplast has 15 years of experience manufacturing efficient and competitive formwork systems in ABS technopolymer. This recyclable and eco-friendly plastic material perfectly embodies the Geoplast vision: environmentally sustainable construction. It stands out for its lightness and durability while efficiently replacing the traditional timber and steel formworks.

The main advantages of Geoplast Formwork are:

  • Low weight: the maximum weight per element is 11 Kg. It can be easily handled in the construction site without the use of cranes or other mechanical lifting devices
  • Strength: Geoplast forming systems resist to a fresh concrete pressure of up to 80kN/m²
  • Simplicity: Geoplast formwork is simple and intuitive to use. No product-specific training is required before starting to work with it
  • Easy removal: Formwork is not requiring any releasing agents. It is sufficient to clean the elements with water
  • Durability: the formwork lifetime is at least 100 pours
  • Fast installation: the universal fixing pins which lock the panels with an easy 90° rotation make the Geoplast formwork very easy and fast to install. The time required to erect a column formwork can be as short as 15 minutes
  • Modularity: all formwork elements are 600 mm length. The formwork is assembled using different panels as required by plans
  • Easy storage: ABS plastic is a non-porous polymer and it is not affected by moisture or water. Because of this, Geoplast formwork can be stored anywhere, without fear of damage by rot or rust.

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