Gripper OutdoorModular surface for outdoor sports

Geoplast Gripper Outdoor

Gripper Outdoor is the modular surface made of PP, designed as multi-purpose flooring for sports. It guarantees safety in different sports: futsal, tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.


Gripper is the ideal solution for every type of sports activity on temporary or permanent playing fields. Gripper also has an indoor option.


The perforated surface of the tiles guarantees the drainage during rain, easy cleaning, and maximum safety.


The installation is very easy thanks to the Snap-fit locking system and can also be realized by unskilled personnel. 

Gripper Outdoor is available in two versions:

Gripper Outdoor Sport (25 x 25 cm),
Gripper Outdoor 12” (30,5 x 30,5 cm).

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