An article about Geoplast’s lightened slabs was published in the Spanish Magazine ACE

Recently, an essay about our lightened slabs was published in the Spanish Magazine for construction: ACE.

ACE is a Construction Consultance Association that was founded in 1986. It provides a monthly magazine that collects articles of engineers and professionals, in order to guarantee an high level of quality with all projects and works, talking at the same time about the challenges of the constrution sector.

In this case, the article, was written by Francesco Guidetti, our Key Account Manager, who is a also a Civil Engineer specialized in slab structures.

The analysis focuses on lightened slabs structures, built with Geoplast’s plastic formworks for slabs and more specifically with New Nautilus: Geoplast’s forming system for lightened bidirectional slabs.

The advantages of a lightened slab, together with the most efficient methods of construction are taken into consideration. Moreover, it was also carried out an in-depth analysis about the reliability of these elements in the worksite, compared to full concrete slabs.

Read the full article:

English Version

Spanish Version