Products for green roofs, green walls, green parking lots, turf driveways, and planting pots

Green products: range and application

Geoplast qualified team of engineers constantly design and develop innovative new products. Our objective is to find solutions that can offer the right balance between technology and environmental protection. That is why we concentrate on product design that improves resilience and enhances the sustainability of particular projects and urban areas. The perfect solution when we build parking and turf driveways is modular plastic tiles. This way, we preserve the soil draining surface and consider urban development with respect to environmental sustainability.

Green parking, driveways, and walkways, roof, and vertical gardens are the best way to preserve the environment: the reduction of soil draining surface causing serious consequences to the hydrological balance. Easy and quick to install, our modular plastic tiles did not create problems to the fruition of the area and can be a great addition to the existing turf.

Geocross, Geograss, Geoflor, Runfloor, Salvaverde, Geogravel, and Plastonella are modular plastic tiles, designed as the result of our passion for innovation and nature because they guarantee the permeability of the soil and they are made of low-density polyethylene, obtained from the recycling of bags and soft wrappings. Wide range of our products for grass surfaces allows us to find a specific solution for any project requirements and to respond to all your needs regarding permeable surfaces. Our green products create sustainable parking and transit areas, which at the same time save costs for installation and maintenance of pavement while protecting the grass.

Georoad is a product for the consolidation of the road edges.

Our products Drainroof and Completa are suitable for the creation of green roofs. Designed as a modular tray, both Drainroof and Completa are easily transported to the construction site and installed quickly over the waterproofing membrane, creating a drainage layer with high retention capacity. Our green products are profitable solutions because of the simple installation on the existing roof, easy maintenance, and considerable benefits.

Our Wall-Y is a plastic mesh for the construction of outdoor and indoor green walls.

Tubs are strong plastic flower pots that are available with or without handles in different sizes and with or without drainage holes.

Demetra is Geoplast’s range of vases oriented to the private and the agricultural field.

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