Desert cities require better stormwater management – Join us at WETEX 2020 Dubai

Whether you like it or not, climate change is a fact. One of the surprising results is an increase in the occurrence of sudden rainstorms in desert areas. In recent years, flash floods became more frequent in desert cities, highlighting the inadequacy of existing water management systems. In the last couple of years GCC countries were hit by storms that reach the precipitation level close to a year’s worth of rain, e.g. at Kuwait airport was measured 95 mm in one day which is close to the annual average of 117.8 mm, destroy city infrastructure, and include human victims.

Our experience shows a rising demand for rainwater management in desert areas, especially where extensive urban planning is underway. The lack of stormwater infrastructure caused the need for adaptation of water management to the new requirements of increased precipitation. Geoplast water solutions are cost-effective and particularly flexible solutions for urban flood resilience.

Join us at WETEX 2020 Dubai

Please visit us at WETEX virtual fair where we will introduce our solutions for stormwater management and flood resilience. We will be presenting Aquabox and Drening for stormwater retention, accumulation, and harvesting of wastewater. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with additional information.

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