Geoplast received BCA Singapore Certification for its formworks efficiency

We are glad to announce that Geoplast received the BCA Singapore Certification for its Formworks efficiency.

BCA is an agency under the Ministry of National Development, championing the development of an excellent building environment for Singapore.

Geoplast’s received the certification thanks to the high performance of its Formwork Solutions, reusable ABS systems for walls and columns.
Our  Formworks were deemed of high productivity based on their fast installation and removal times, simplicity and modularity.

The tests considered:

  1. The Standardisation of the products – the repetitions of sizes, components and connections;
  2. Simplicity of installation, no complicated building solutions with long installation times;
  3. Single integrated elements: the combinations of the related components into a single element that can be used and installed on-site.

Our Formworks perfectly fitted the tests and received the certification.