Green facades make a big difference

Green facades Borgo Gasparina

Solutions we developed – lightened slabs, ventilated foundations, water management, green roofs and facades – have an enormous power to improve our lives. However, they must be scaled up from details to general mass approach. We designed these solutions to deliver a global impact only if they are implemented at scale. Green facades are one of the best examples of how a sustainable technology is reduced often to simple decoration.

Green facades are part of the strategy for more sustainable cities and, because of their ability to absorb heat (sunlight) and water, they are excellent solutions for urban heat management, reduction of building energy costs, and water management.

Green facade benefits:

Economic benefits

Due to improved insulation from the solar heat, the use of air-conditioning appliances and energy waste is decreased. Both summer and winter season provide cost-saving from cooling and heating, making the building or even urban quarter economically more sustainable.

Urban heat island

Both on the micro and the urban level, the green facades decrease the temperature and therefore impact the climate. They also insulate the building’s ‘shell’ and interior due to the weakened solar energy. The building is this way more resilient to the rise of the temperature, and on urban scale less heat is emitted.

Water absorption

The green walls are also useful as the absorbers of the rainwater which feeds the plants. Green areas in general, if properly drained, absorb the rainwater decreasing the flooding risk. This common effect on the urban level is called ‘the sponge city’.

Wellness improvements

It is proven that when we, and especially children, are exposed to the greenery we are less in danger of mental diseases development. Absorption of CO2 is the common advantage, contributing to the effect that urban greenery has on the air quality on the urban scale.

Ease of use benefits

When analysed as the concept, green walls and surfaces can in general be applied literally anywhere – on the buildings, the bridges, fences, in public spaces, in the interiors, cleaning the air chemically and beautifying our surroundings.

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