Stop wasting money on construction

All construction investors and managers care about lowering costs and maximizing profits. But in reality, most construction projects are wasteful and cost much more than necessary. Here are 5 ways to make your building more efficient and profitable using Geoplast products:

Lightweight formworks are much faster and cheaper to use

Formwork is an inevitable part of any construction site, be it a single-family house or a multi-building complex. Its characteristics, performances, and way of use can significantly affect the final costs of the construction work.

Voided foundations save costs of machinery, workforce, and material

Our foundation solutions increase the sustainable profitability of any project, by reducing construction costs and increasing project value in the operational and reuse phase of the building.

Lightweight slabs reduce costs of concrete

Our lightweight slabs can significantly decrease costs in the construction phase of any building project. At the same time, their characteristics and performance are designed with the goal of improving environmental sustainability.

Lightweight structural fillings save costs of transport and concrete

Our formwork products are made from recycled plastic and are a great solution for lightweight structural fillings of foundations in buildings, as well as for landscaping projects.

Build Fast method reduces building costs up to 20 % by saving concrete, space, and machinery

Build Fast is a Geoplast method designed to reduce building time by up to 40 % and costs by up to 20 %. By using our formworks, foundation, and slab products building projects use less concrete, space, and machinery, and therefore can be completed faster and at a lower cost.