The gifts come early this New Year: New Resources on our

Our products, when used in multi-solution projects and applied on a large urban scale, have a great potential to improve built environment on a global level. In order to reach this potential, we would like to share know-how that motivates, educates, and enables interested professionals. We are inviting investors, urbanists, architects, engineers, and construction teams to participate in our explorations.

For this purpose, we launched the Resources section on our website – a knowledge sharing platform where we will collect and present know-how related to problems we want to solve, solutions, and our products.

Resources include:


  • Insights – we share our own explanations on how our products can improve building projects and environment;
  • Together – our effort to inspire you with interviews, projects, and extraordinary ideas;


  • Research papers – database of scientific papers and notable articles that provide comprehensive explanations about problems and solutions in our focus;
  • Videos – a simple way to learn about our products and know-how, always at your disposal;
  • Webinars – first-hand knowledge from our experts shared with you, wherever you are;
  • Events – possibility to meet our experts and see our products in person;

Practical tools

  • Calculators – tools that you can utilize to evaluate the impact of our products on your projects;
  • BIM files of our products.

If you need more help, please contact our experts.